Jennifer Reali, convicted in Colorado Springs 'fatal attraction' murder, denied parole again

Parole was denied again this week for “fatal attraction killer” Jennifer Reali.

Reali was convicted of killing her lover's wife in Colorado Springs in 1990. Dianne Hood -- the mother of three -- was shot and killed outside a lupus support meeting.

Reali testified at her trial that Brian Hood cited Bible verses to convince her it was "God's plan" that she kill his wife. Brian Hood was convicted of second-degree murder and conspiracy.

Reali was sentenced to life in prison, but former Colorado governor Bill Ritter commuted her sentence in 2011, making her eligible for parole.

At a parole hearing Tuesday, Reali said, "I am responsible for my crime. I’ve always felt my sentence was appropriate. I will always be serving time for killing her.  But, I would have the ability to give back better on parole than ISP [Intensive Supervised Parole].  I have an obligation to help others so they will not go down the path that I did. I could be more productive on parole.”

The parole board deferred whether to grant her parole for a year. So Reali will return before the board in October 2016, according to Adrienne Jacobson, spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Corrections.

Reali is currently on what's called "Intensive Supervision Program-Inmate status," so she's technically still an inmate even though she's living in the community in the Denver area, Jacobson told 7NEWS. This means she's under intensive supervision and if she has any violations, she could be directly returned to state prison or community corrections.

Reali is seeking to be placed on parole, which could result in less stringent supervision. If she was accused of a violation as a parolee, she would be allowed to argue her case at an administrative hearing before a decision on revoking her parole was made.

During the last six months, Reali has moved from a half-way house to a Denver area apartment, according to KRDO-TV. She has also been successfully treated for pancreatic cancer – including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy – and is now cancer-free.

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