Mother of kids mauled by Great Danes drove to ER

Posted at 8:54 PM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-24 22:54:57-05

The mother of the four children mauled by Great Danes in El Paso County, said she didn’t wait for an ambulance to come to her. A 911 call shows she put her badly wounded kids in the car and started driving to the nearest hospital.

The attack happened Saturday when the woman went to check on the dogs for her boss, who is a breeder in the small town of Rush.

The woman told an El Paso County Sheriff's deputy she had brought her children along, and knew her boss had over ten dogs in pens on the property.

As she was tending to some puppies, the woman heard screams, and ran out to find her kids on the ground. The kids were covered in blood with three Great Danes circling them.

She called 911 while driving toward Colorado Springs, and asked for help finding the closest emergency room. Emergency responders were able to stop the family on Highway 94 and began treating the children.

The sheriff's report shows one of the four injured children was believed to have life-threatening injuries. Three of the children had to undergo surgery.

The three Great Danes were euthanized on Monday. Their owner, Michel Ingersoll, was ticketed for owning dangerous dogs.


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