Colorado Man Charged With Raping Baby

Suspect Videotaped Rape, Shared It Online

Federal agents arrested a Colorado man they say raped a baby at a Bakersfield, Calif. motel, videotaped the entire attack and then shared it on the Internet.

The yearlong investigation led them to a Bakersfield motel and a family whose 11-month-old son was the victim.

The investigation started in November 2010, after agents in Boston stumbled across the video of the rape during a child porn bust.

It took 11 months, but agents were finally able to figure out where the 3-minute tape was made and who made it.

Federal agents say they used clues in the video to determine the man on the tape is Shawn Joseph McCormack, 27, of Black Forest, Colo.

A TV was playing in the background of the video, and investigators traced the program and a commercial seen on the tape and figured out the only time those two were broadcast together was on March 28, 2009, in Bakersfield.

They also used distinctive furnishings in the background of the video to figure out the tape was made at a California Best Inn.

Agents say they found receipts that show McCormack stayed at the motel and in the room seen in the video on the night the tape was made.

They say McCormack was an occasional house guest at the victim's Bakersfield home and that is how he was able to take the 11-month-old baby to the motel in the middle of the night while the victim's parents slept. The victim's parents let McCormack stay at their house while he drove around California working for a telecommunications company, according to the warrant.

McCormack was taken to the El Paso County jail on Friday. Agents say he will be brought back to California in the next few weeks.

Read more about this story from our sister station, KERO, in Bakersfield.

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