Colorado Homeland Security Officials On Alert

FBI Warns Of Possible Retaliation

Be on the lookout for revenge attacks.

The FBI and Homeland Security have sent out warnings about homegrown extremists planning to retaliate.

Their concern is that al-Qaeda's spinoff groups will use Osama bin Laden's death as an excuse to speed up plans for attacks.

Jim Davis, the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Safety, said there is no specific information about a threat anywhere.

"I think that likely what happens is they turn operatives loose and say, 'Come up with something,'" said Davis.

7NEWS cameras went inside the Colorado Information Analysis Center where analysts use a secure room to review top secret documents, plan security for events such as the governor's inauguration and make sure terrorism tips get to the right people.

The motto on Homeland Security posters: "If you see something, say something."

Sgt. Tim Maestas, a CIAC supervisor, said on they are on heightened alert.

"They're worried at the federal level that there may be repercussions from what happened," he said. "They're talking about protecting critical sites and looking at security procedures."

Analysts say targets and terrorists could be anywhere.

Najibullah Zazi was an al-Qaeda's cell based in Aurora plotting a terrorist attack.

"We became aware of his activities before he was able to pull anything off," said Davis. "And I think that in itself should give some confidence in the people of Colorado to know that our system works."

Davis was involved in the interrogation of Saddam Hussein following his capture in Iraq.

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