Colorado Cat Survives Car Trip On Engine

Cat Was On Top Of Transmission, Under Intake Box

A cat is lucky to be alive after it survived an hour-long drive stuck in the engine of a car.

The driver of a Volkswagen Beetle said she was having trouble shifting on her drive from Canon City to Colorado Springs, so she went to a mechanic.

The mechanic said as soon as he got the intake box up, a cat popped her head up and meowed.

"She climbed on top of the transmission, under the intake box, and somehow she was safe," mechanic Steve Smith told KKTV-TV.

Smith said he's seen animals crawl under the hood of cars before, but he said this cat was lucky she wasn't hurt by the fan belt or other parts of the car's engine.

The cat was not only rescued from the engine compartment, she's also being rescued by the mechanic. He has named her Links since she was stuck on the shifting linkage. And he's willing to adopt her if her family isn't found.

See Links and her story on KKTV's website.