Colo. Rescue Trying To Save Wolf Pups From Alaskan Breeder

WolfWood Refuge In Ignacio Has Taken In 9 Puppies

An animal rescue group in southern Colorado is trying to save more than a half dozen wolf pups from a breeder in Alaska.

WolfWood in Ignacio planned to take in 10 puppies, but one died. The other nine arrived this week.

The puppies came from a breeder in Alaska that is being prosecuted by the attorney general’s office, according to WolfWood director Paula Watson.

"In 30 days all the animals must be shipped to proper facilities outside of Alaska or be killed," said Watson in a letter to supporters.

In addition to the nine puppies, the breeder had 30 adult wolves living on short chains with no social interaction with each other, Watson said.

At WolfWood, the animals will live in a pack situation, off chains.

The rescue is asking for donations to help pay for the animals' vet bills, transportation, spaying and neutering, special food and other major expenses.

Learn more about the animal rescue on the WolfWood website.

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