Colo. County Halts Medical Pot Dispensaries

Other Cities, Counties Consider Moratoriums

Moffat County has joined a growing list of local governments in Colorado with moratoriums on medical marijuana dispensaries. El Paso County is considering a similar move.

The Moffat commissioners on Tuesday approved a moratorium lasting six months or until the Legislature creates rules for dispensaries to operate under, according to the Craig Daily Press. The moratorium is for dispensaries in unincorporated parts of the county, which is in northwestern Colorado.

The El Paso commissioners will discuss Thursday whether to impose a moratorium in unincorporated areas or offer temporary permits for certain areas. They're also waiting for the Legislature to act.

Lawmakers next meet in January.

Dispensaries sprang up under a voter-approved constitutional amendment allowing marijuana use for medical reasons.

Moffat County Commissioner Tom Gray said the county’s decision is not an attempt to indefinitely suspend medical marijuana dispensaries from operating in the county. “We can just use a moratorium forever just as a way to not deal with it,” he said. “Six months is reasonable because we have information that the Legislature may act on this.”

Moratoriums have also been discussed or imposed in at least five cities and several other counties.