Child Left In Freezing Car While Dad Visits Teen Girl

Mont. Man Also Facing Drug Charges

A 22-year-old Montana man has been arrested after his 4-year-old daughter was left in a car for hours in below-zero temperatures.

Jeramey Sheeler, of Vaughn, Mont., faces a charge of criminal endangerment. Great Falls Police Lt. Jack Allen says Sheeler left his sleeping daughter in a Jeep parked on the street early Saturday while he went inside a house to visit a 13-year-old girl.

When the 4-year-old woke up, she got out of the vehicle and starting going house-to-house, knocking on doors at 2 a.m. Someone let her in and then called police. The temperature outside at the time was about 14 degrees below zero, according to the Great Falls Police Department.

Police found Sheeler at the house next door. The girl who lived there told police that she and Sheeler were in bed together, but nothing sexual happened. Police believe Sheeler left his daughter in the unheated car for about two hours.

Police officers said they also found a pipe with marijuana residue on the center console of Sheeler's Jeep. Sheeler is charged with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia as a result.

Officers say the 4-year-old girl is OK and was released to her mother. Sheeler was ordered not to have contact with his daughter, if he makes the $30,000 bond.

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