Chickens, Ducks, Goats Now Welcome In Denver

New Ordinance Allows More Food-Producing Animals In City Limits

Denver's City Council approved new rules on Monday allowing more food-producing animals in the city limits.

Denver previously allowed residents to have chickens in their back yards, but some residents complained that the permit process was lengthy and costly.

Under the new ordinance, residents pay a $20 licensing fee to have food-producing animals including fowl (chickens, ducks) that produce eggs, and dwarf goats that produce milk.

Residents will be limited to eight chickens/ducks (no roosters or drakes) and two dwarf goats and any number of their offspring younger than six months. Male animals would be prohibited primarily to minimize noise and odor impacts.

To get a license for a backyard farm animal, contact the Denver environmental health department at 303-698-0076.

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