Check Cashing Worker Called 911 When Boss Was Shot

Victim Shot In Shoulder During Robbery

The owner of a check cashing store was shot during a robbery outside his business on Friday morning in West Denver.

The owner of the EZ Check Cash was robbed by two men wearing ski masks outside the business in a strip mall West Alameda where Knox Court turns into Morrison Road, Denver Police said.

Diana Paez said her boss had just gone to the bank to get cash and was bringing it to the store when he was confronted by the robbers.

"They shoot my boss. "It's not like they just hit him. It's really bad," Paez said.

The owner was shot in the shoulder. Paez found her boss laying outside the building on the sidewalk. He was bleeding from the gunshot wound.

"He was just like kind of to the side, and all the shoulder, blood," Paez described.

Paez said she was in shock but managed to call 911. The owner is expected to be OK, but Paez said she lost her sense of security at work.

"I feel unsafe, really unsafe. I hope that the police find them," Paez said.

Denver Police told 7NEWS the robbers got away in a small red car with dark, tinted windows.

There was one security camera outside of the building. 7NEWS has learned it did not capture video of the shooting.

Officers said the victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

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