Chatfield Swim Beach Closed Because Of Bacteria

E. Coli May Be Caused By Recent Rains, High Temps

The swim beach at Chatfield State Park was closed on Thursday after routine water quality tests showed higher than allowable bacteria levels.

"These water quality tests are performed at least once a week to protect the public," said Keith Kahler, Chatfield State Park’s assistant manager.

Park staff closed the beach to swimming and took new tests. Those results will be available Friday morning. If the bacteria levels meet state standards, the swim beach will be reopened, said Kahler.

The rest of the park is open for all forms of recreation including water skiing and other watercraft, said Scott Roush, park manager, emphasizing only the swim beach is closed.

"But you're looking at a concentrated area within the buoys. That's why we want to make sure it's safe for the public to be in those in those areas," Roush said.

Roush explained that the high levels of E. coli may have occurred due to recent heavy rains and high temperatures.

This is the first time Chatfield's swim beach has been closed this summer.

It closed twice in 2010, Roush said, on June 11 and July 9.

They will take water samples daily until the bacteria levels are again within state standards, Roush said.

Visitors can call 303-791-7275 to find out if the beach is open. .

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