Changing A Child's World One Day At A Time

Volunteer Involved In Projects Around The World

We could all use a lesson in learning how to play. This week's 7Everyday Hero is making it happen for kids every week at the Children's Museum of Denver.

"We could not do this without volunteers. We have got close to 700 volunteers who work with us throughout the year on a number of events," said Jon Handwork, of the Children's Museum of Denver.

Jie Casey has volunteered at the Children's Museum since 2006.

"As soon as you realize how exactly much you get out of it in here (heart) and here (mind) you are hooked. It is something I cannot stop doing," said Casey.

So, Casey volunteers at the museum several times a month even though he is quite busy learning himself.

"I am a pre-med student, a full-time student at Metro State College," said Casey.

"What Jie brings to is a real sense of community. He has involved others. He gets our mission. He understands what we are doing here," said Handwork.

Casey volunteers for a half dozen other agencies - and even overseas.

"I have done two medical missions to Peru this year and a couple summers in China," said Casey.

Casey's efforts take a lot of time but he considers it an investment.

"You get to be apart of a child's world and you get to make a child's day. To me they are our future. And if we can take care of them we can take care of our world," said Casey.

To learn more about the Children's Museum of Denver go to www.MyChildsMuseum.Org.

And to find out more about Jie Casey's other volunteering effort, check out his web site,