Cell Phones: Hands-Free Versus Hand-Held

Which Is Safer?

Talking on your cell phone while driving, hands free or not, would be illegal if some safety groups had their way.

In Colorado, a group of lawmakers are supporting a bill that would make cell phone use illegal unless it's with a hands-free device. Anyone under the age of 18 could not use a cell phone under any circumstance.

But studies show there is no cognitive difference between holding a cell phone to your ear and driving with a hands-free device. The driver’s attention is on the conversation, not the driving.

But Rep. Claire Levy said there is a difference if both hands are on the wheel.

“I have had many encounters as a pedestrian with people who couldn't turn their head far enough to see me approaching the cross walk or people who don’t use their turn signals because they are holding their phone,” said Levy.

The National Safety Council is urging Governors and legislators in all 50 states to pass laws outlawing cell phone use while driving. According to NSC, 2,600 deaths a year are attributed to cell phone use while driving.

Several drivers who spoke to 7News said they felt safe while using a cell phone in the car and are not in favor of government regulations concerning cell phone use.

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