Cats Found Decapitated, Gutted In Denver Yards

Animal Control Says Cats Were Killed By A Human

Six cats have been found decapitated and gutted in several yards of homes in the 2900 block of Oneida Street the past few weeks.

A tipster told 7NEWS the cats were not killed by a wild animal and were likely killed by a person.

Mike Swanson told 7NEWS several police cars showed up at the neighborhood earlier Thursday, followed by a crime scene truck.

Swanson said his neighbor found the remains of a cat in his yard.

"It's horrible. Nobody wants a dearly beloved animal to be cut up like that," Swanson said. "It's horrible to hear that somebody's actually doing that."

Another neighbor said that her daughter saw her cat and her neighbor's cat dismembered in the front yard.

A representative for Denver Animal Control confirmed the gruesome discoveries, saying the first cat was found on July 29 near 29th and Oneida streets.

Four more cats were found on Aug. 19, three near 29th and Oneida and one at 41st and Clay streets.

A sixth cat was found Thursday near 29th and Oneida.

The representative said there are no suspects in the case.

The carcasses are being sent to Colorado State University for necropsies.

Denver police have refused to comment on the case.

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