Westminster homeowners meet with city to discuss $7 million condo complex repair bill

WESTMINSTER, Colo. - The City of Westminster met with some local condominium owners Tuesday who are facing a $7 million repair bill they say they can't afford.

In June 2013, city inspectors sent an "Order to Correct" dozens of problems to the Prospector's Point Condo Association. A more recent report from an engineer hired by the HOA points to hazards including sagging decks, crumbling sidewalks, and leaning walls, that they say will cost $7 million to fix. That's about $15,000 for each homeowner, that many said, they just don't have.

Violating Westminster’s Rental Code can lead to fines or jail time, and properties can even be condemned. 

"It's caused me to be a little sick to my stomach today, knowing that the fees that are required to make the improvements are pretty staggering," said resident Peggy Jones.

An outside firm, CAP Management of Denver, was brought in to manage the mess.

CAP President Chris Crigler acknowledged a review of the books revealed about $5,000 in missing funds. Yet he insists it has been returned.

7NEWS Reporter Marc Stewart asked if he would call in law enforcement to investigate.        

"No. We're not going to do it.  Because it was more like a reimbursement they were paid for that they did not have receipts for," said Crigler.

If the repairs aren't made, property owners could lose their units.

There is hope that a lender will come to the rescue, which could add $100 to the community's $200 monthly HOA fee.

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