Littleton 'Swatting' case just the latest in a long history of similar pranks in Colorado

Hundreds of 'Swatting' incidents reported annually

DENVER - Some call it a prank, others call it revenge -- but "Swatting" is a crime that police departments across the nation say cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.

Wednesday's incident in Littleton was not the first swatting incident in Colorado. The CALL7 Investigators found it's been a problem in our state for years.

Colorado Springs has experienced several incidents, dating back to 2005. CSPD received a 911 call from a young man claiming he was holding a father and daughter hostage in their own home. The caller said he had tied up the two residents and had a gun ready to shoot them.

The home was real, but the incident was fabricated.

We also found situations similar to the Littleton incident have been reported throughout the country. In April 2014, a 17 year old boy in New York was "swatted" while playing the video game "Call of Duty" online. Police said the virtual gamer who called in the hoax did it because he lost to the boy in the game.

Celebrities aren't immune to swatting either -- Justin Beiber and the Kardashians have fallen victim to swatting too.

The incidents are typically investigated by local police initially, but the FBI could join the investigation if police determine the initial 911 call was placed from somewhere outside of Colorado.


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