Escaped jail inmate Felix Trujillo arrested after go-between negotiates surrender to Denver police

Jail deputy accused of helping Trujillo escape

DENVER, Colo. - Denver police arrested jail escapee Felix Trujillo near 52nd Avenue and Federal Boulevard shortly after 2 p.m. Wednesday.

A police source told CALL7 Investigators that Trujillo began speaking by phone with them shortly before 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, saying he wanted to surrender to a uniformed officer.

A source told CALL7 Investigators that SWAT teams waited nearby while an unmarked police Land Rover waited for Trujillo to surrender outside a Dollar General store. Someone drove up in a blue Ford Explorer and dropped him off. Trujillo surrendered peacefully while a 7NEWS camera gathered exclusive video.

Trujillo has been on the run since his escape from the Denver county jail Sunday night. A Denver jail deputy is accused of aiding his escape.

"From the instant that this was reported to us, the department has been working around the clock, long hours, long nights," said Denver Police Cmdr. Ron Saunier, adding that fugitive unit investigators and other Denver officers had teamed up with outside law enforcement agencies on the manhunt.

At an afternoon news briefing, Denver Police Chief Robert White thanked the many members of the community who provided tips on Trujillo and news organizations that publicized the case and the fugitive's photo.

After three days of searching for Trujillo, an unnamed go-between "contacted us today and stated that he believed that he would be able to make arrangements (for Trujillo) to peacefully turn himself in," Saunier said.

That led to the surrender outside the Dollar General store.

Denver police arrested jail Deputy Matthew Andrews on Sunday night, saying he helped Trujillo escape by providing a Deputy's uniform and a way out of the jail.

However, the deputy's defense attorney says Andrews was threatened that he and his family would be in danger unless he helped get Trujillo out of jail.

"We are relieved that Felix Trujillo is back in custody," Denver Undersheriff Gary Wilson said.

"We take these issues very seriously and I can tell you as the head of the agency I'm very disturbed by this issue," Wilson added. "We continue to review our policies and our procedures and our training to make sure that this … problem will never happen again."

A woman was arrested Tuesday night on suspicion that she aided in Trujillo's escape.

"There could be more arrests…for those who were out there assisting him, that were working in hiding him," Saunier said. "We still have a lot of people that we're looking at."

After his arrest, Trujillo was taken to police headquarters for questioning about the escape.

Trujillo has an extensive criminal arrest record, including escape, felony menacing, domestic violence and assault. Most of the arrests were in the Thornton, Westminster and Adams County area.

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