DIA shuttle driver investigated over tornado response

DENVER - Imagine as a tornado is happening, you have nowhere to go.

That happened to some people out at Denver International Airport trying to get to their cars as sirens were going off.

A shuttle driver forced his passengers to get out and left them in a parking lot.

CALL7 Investigator Theresa Marchetta found safety protocols were not followed.

It was not the "welcome home" Faun Hauptman was expecting.  The DIA airport shuttle driver announced there was a tornado warning. Instead of turning around, she says he stayed on course for the Pikes Peak shuttle lot.

"When he dumped us here at this bus stop he said, this is an emergency," she said. "We knew we were in a bad situation. There was nowhere to go for shelter."

Hauptman's own 9-year old was one of several small children she says was forced off the bus. Others with large, heavy bags were also left stranded nearly a half-mile from where they parked their cars.

She said more than a dozen cars were backed up -- unable to exit the lot --until her husband manually raised the barricades.

Deputy Manager for Airport Operations Ken Greene said employees train for these scenarios and know what to do.  Greene said any other response from any airport employee is simply unacceptable. 

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