Alabama school rejected James Holmes


Professors at the University of Alabama evaluated accused Aurora Theater shooter James Holmes with high marks but questioned his personality, CALL7 Investigators found.
In the end, Holmes was not offered a position in Birmingham.
One evaluator called him an “excellent applicant,” giving him top scores. 
But two others expressed varying degrees of concern. All of the evaluators’ names are redacted.
“Rather shy but a top notch student,” one wrote evaluator. “His personality may not be as engaging as some applicants but he is going to be a leader in the future.”
A third professor expressed more concerns. “He may be extremely smart but difficult to engage,” the evaluator wrote, adding he was not sure he would take him for a rotation. 
That evaluator also questioned whether Holmes was interested in the evaluator’s research.
Holmes interviewed at the Alabama school in February 2011, and the following month was sent a letter informing him that he was not recommended for admission.
“Many well qualified students applied which forced the admissions committee to make difficult decisions,” the letter said. “We regret to inform you that you have not been recommended for admission.”
Holmes has been charged with the murders of 12 people and shootings of 58 others on July 20 during the premiere of the Batman movie in an Aurora theater. 
He had been accepted at the University of Colorado last year. CALL7 Investigators have reported that Holmes did not do well in an oral exam at the University of Colorado neuroscience program six weeks before the shootings.
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