CALL7 Investigators: Sullivan Admits To Wrong-Doing On Video

In-Custody Interview Reveals Details Of Sex, Drug Induced Life

The CALL7 Investigators have obtained a three hour interview of former Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan shortly after he was taken into custody.

Sullivan was arrested in November 2011 after a sting that captured the sheriff in a meth for sex investigation.

In the interview, Sullivan is interviewed by detectives from the department he used to lead.

The video shows Sullivan saying he is bisexual and had smoked meth. When investigators asked about minors, Sullivan responded he couldn't remember ever being with a child sexually. When pressed, Sullivan responded it was possible he had been with a teen.

Sullivan was never charged with having sex with a minor.

In one exchange with detectives, Sullivan talks about how he took advantage of a mentally disabled young man.

Detective: "A person as ethical as you are, a person in our position, doesn't have to try not to lie.You're forcing yourself to lie because you're scared."

Sullivan: "Yeah. There's no doubt about that. But I'm also trying to be honest. Um..."

Detective: "So let me ask you -- Let's take it piece by piece. Did you ever provide ***** with GHB?"

Sullivan: "Yes." Detective: You remember doing that?"

Sullivan: "Yes."

At times during the intereview, Sullivan discussed how he used drugs that were often part of his encounters.

Detective: "There were times you did take advantage of **** sexually. Tell me I'm wrong. When you guys were in your drug induced -- When you guys were on drugs, you would engage him sexually."

Sullivan: "Okay."

Detective: "Am I wrong?"

Sullivan: "Yes, yes."

Detective: "That's true isn't it?"

Sullivan: "Yes."

As 7NEWS has reported, Sullivan was hired to find security officers for Cherry Creek Schools.

In the interview, he admits he never had contact with children from the system.

Sullivan was sentenced to 30 days in jail but only served 17 because of a provision called "good time served."

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