California Water Company To Bottle Aurora Water

Aurora Water Among Best Tasting In Nation

Where would you expect to find the best tasting water in Colorado? Aspen, Vail, Steamboat? Believe it or not, Aurora is winning awards nationally for the taste of its water.

In fact, it's so good, a bottling company now has plans to distribute it.

California-based Niagara Water will be constructing a new 177,000-square-foot facility in Aurora's ProLogis Park 70 near E-470 and I-70.

"It's a silky feeling to the tongue," said Aurora Water spokesman Greg Baker. "To me, it is very easy to take in. You don't have heavy minerals, you don't have any sort of musty flavor."

Baker said Aurora does not have a patented purification system, just a good one that works well.

"It's better than bottled water. It actually has a full, rich flavor to it," he said.

Niagara Water will start bottling Aurora water within months, according to Baker.

"They'll filter it a bit," he said. "But they don't have to do as much with our water because it's in such good shape."

7NEWS asked Aurora why the city would sell the water and at what expense to residents.

"That's a fair question. For years we've preached we need to save every drop and that's part of what this is about," said Baker. "The biggest boon for Aurora Water is the revenue. It's $600,000 a year. As matter of fact, this probably strengthens us a bit because it gives us more revenue to go out there and continue to strengthen our water system. And frankly, they'll be paying a tap fee to replace the water they use."

Baker said this deal will also help stabilize rates, and take the load off consumers.

The bottling plant expects to create 36 full-time jobs.

Niagara will be using about 300,000 gallons a day. That's about 3/10th's of 1 percent of Aurora's total water supply.

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