Bystanders Jump In To Help Injured Police Officer

Police: Female Officer Was Trying To Protect Cabbie

Several people at a bowling alley jumped in to help a police officer after she was attacked over the weekend, police said.

Colorado Springs police Officer Janet Gilliana was called to the Peak Bowling Lanes by a Yellow Cab driver on Saturday night who was having an argument with a man.

Gilliana said when the cab driver pointed out the suspect inside the bowling alley, the suspect came toward them in a threatening manner.

Gilliana said when she tried to stop the suspect from getting near the cab driver, the suspect fought her, then pushed her into wall.

Gilliana hit her head and bruised her ribs, police said.

As Gilliana continued to fight back, several citizens in the bowling alley jumped in and helped her get the suspect under control and into handcuffs, police said.

Dennis Baca, 31, was arrested on suspicion of assault on a peace officer, police said.

Gilliana was taken to the hospital. Doctors used staples to close the gash on her head and treated her bruised ribs.

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