Burglars Targeting Denver Elderly

Three Elderly Victims Were Victimized In Denver Crimes

Denver police warned residents in the City Park North neighborhood of burglars who are targeting older homeowners.

Police say they have investigated at least three cases involving residents ages 80 and older. Officers said one man tricked the homeowners into leaving their homes so the other person could enter it and steal items.

Madolyn Jones said she had a friend experience exactly what police have described.

"One of my my family friends, she's an elderly lady," Jones said. "They targeted her on the porch and got her to get up and start looking at the roof."

Fortunately, her friend's son was inside and stopped the man when he tried to enter the home Jones said.

Denver police said the suspects told homeowners they're working outside and need the homeowner to come with them to the backyard. In some cases, the suspects said they were doing electrical work or working on the neighbor's backyard.

"While outside the second person come in and basically burglarize the home," said Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson.

Jackson said part of the problem is older people typically tend to be trusting and these men know how to abuse that trust.

"This guy is coming in, he's clean-shaven, has cropped hair, looks like he's probably legit and then he's basically victimizing them," Jackson said.

Police said the area targeted is between York Street and Colorado Boulevard, and in the first five blocks north of East 26th Avenue.

As for Jones, she said she isn't too worried for her safety but she will be watching out for her neighbors.

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