Bridesmaid Appears In Wedding Via iPad

Colorado Bride Uses FaceTime To Have Friend In Virginia In Ceremony

A Colorado bride got to have her best friend in her wedding, even though the bridesmaid was 1,600 miles away.

Renee Armstrong was in Richmond, Va. on Saturday, but she got to be in the Denver ceremony by appearing on an iPad, via Apple's Facetime app.

“She got to see the whole ceremony. She got to meet everybody and be here for the reception,” said bride Jamie Alberico.

A groomsman even walked Armstrong down the aisle by holding the tablet device at his side.

“It was great. I got all teary-eyed during the ceremony and I couldn’t have gotten that from pictures,” Armstrong said.

Alberico said she was thrilled to have her best friend there for her big day.

“Renee called dibs to be my bridesmaid many, many moons ago and, unfortunately, she couldn’t really make it out here,” Alberico said. “But thank you technology, here is Renee.”

Armstrong even got to be in the pictures of the wedding party.

But it almost didn't happen. At the rehearsal, the day before the wedding, one of the groomsmen accidently dropped the iPad and the screen shattered.

But the groom, Jonathan Alberico, said Apple had no problem replacing the device.

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