Brandon Marshall To Police: I Hate Denver

Marshall Says He Wanted To Be Traded During 2007 DUI Stop

Denver Broncos Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall said he wanted to be traded more than 18 months ago and said he "hated Denver," according to documents obtained by the CALL7 Investigators.

Marshall was arrested on suspicion of DUI on Oct. 22, 2007, and according to the police report, he started verbally attacking the city of Denver and saying he wanted to leave the Broncos.

"I hate Denver. I hope I get traded. I hate this f******* city," an officer wrote in the police report.

The report was only made public after CALL7 Investigators asked for it, after receiving a tip about the report's content. Read full report -- WARNING: Graphic Language

“What we know about Brandon Marshall is he is a supremely talented football player on the field with the habit of getting in trouble off the field,” said Adam Schefter, NFL correspondent for ESPN.

The information is particularly relevant because Marshall has recently asked for a trade.

“I think that we've known Brandon Marshall is interested in a change of scenery, and I think these comments show that that change of scenery is probably not very new in his thinking its something that dates back to his arrest,” Schefter said. “These are some deep-seated feelings that came out during this incident and now they have come to light.”

Marshall also berated police for stopping him and not finding the killer of fellow Bronco Darrent Williams.

"Why aren't you guys out looking for Williams' killer?" the report says.

Calls to Marshall's agent Kennard McGuire in Texas have not been returned. Broncos spokesman Dave Gaylinn declined a request for an on-camera interview and said the Broncos have no statement about the police report.

Marshall entered a guilty plea to driving while ability impaired in September and was sentenced to 12 months probation and 24 hours of community service.

During the arrest, police repeatedly asked Marshall if he will submit to an alcohol test and Marshall said he wants to speak to his attorney, the report said.

Marshall also appears to ask police to let him go.

"I want to go home, how 'bout that?" the report says when Marshall was asked whether he wanted to submit to a breathalyzer test. He eventually did. The result of that test showed that he had a blood alcohol content level of 0.116.

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