Boy Suspended For Bringing Gun Clip To School

Parents Of Westridge Elementary School Were Not Notified

The Jefferson County School District confirmed Tuesday that a boy was suspended for bringing a clip of bullets to school this month, but that no parents were notified about the incident.

The boy brought the magazine to Westridge Elementary School on Sept. 7, and at least one other child saw the clip, said school district spokeswoman Melissa Reeves.

However, the boy did not threaten any other students, Reeves said.

The principal, Barb Boillot, was informed of the incident at 8:25 a.m. -- during the first bell for school, and the boy was brought in to the principal's office, Reeves said.

Boillot and a resource officer for the school district talked to the boy and his parents about how the boy was allowed access to a gun clip.

"Bringing bullets does not violate the school district’s weapons policy, so the principal was allowed discretion on how to proceed," Reeves said.

The boy was suspended for a number of days, but Reeves would not disclose how many, saying it was part of a disciplinary record.

After consulting with the district, the principal did not send out a notice to parents about the incident, but she has talked candidly to parents who had questions about it, Reeves said.