Bounty Hunters Charged After Calling Deputies

Sheriff: Men Impersonated Police Officers To Enter Home

Charges have been filed against two bail bondsmen accused of representing themselves as police officers in order to gain entry into a Fort Collins home to look for a fugitive.

The incident happened on Oct. 22, but the Larimer County Sheriff's Office conducted a three-week investigation to determine if charges should be filed, and against whom.

Here's what the sheriff's office says happened:

Jeffrey Pierron Leef, 31, and Brett Tyson Daugherty, 35, called officers to a home in Fort Collins after they said they found evidence of drug possession. They said they entered the home looking for Aaron Franklin, listed on Larimer County's Most Wanted after skipping out on a bond. The two showed deputies drugs and paraphernalia that they said they found in the home. Deputies talked to the owner of the residence and her daughter about the incident and determined that further investigation should be conducted before deciding on possible charges.

Bounty hunters Jeffrey Leef and Brett Daugherty face numerous charges.

Based on a three-week investigation, no charges were filed against the residents of the home, but charges were filed against the two bounty hunters.

Investigators said that the two men displayed badges and represented themselves as police officers and led the residents of the home to believe they were under arrest and not free to leave.

"They can't do that," said Deputy Perry Malisani. "They need to ask first before they go in. Also, they have to have confirmation that (the fugitive) is in there, or the residence owner says he is there."

The residents also told police that the two bounty hunters carried weapons under their jackets when they entered the home. Investigators said neither man had been issued concealed weapons permits.

Daugherty, of Johnstown, Colo., was charged with felony counts of second-degree kidnapping, first-degree criminal trespass, and impersonating a police officer. He also faces misdemeanor counts of false imprisonment, carrying a concealed weapon and harassment.

Leef, of Fort Collins, was charged with felony counts of first-degree criminal trespass, and impersonating a peace officer. He also faces misdemeanor charges of false imprisonment and harassment.

Both men appeared in court Tuesday to be advised of the charges against them.

The fugitive for whom they were looking, Aaron Luther Franklin, was taken to the Larimer County Detention Center on Oct. 27 by All Day/All Night Bail Bonds and is currently being held without bail.

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