Boulder To Consider Crosswalk Speed Limit

Proposed 8-mph Limit Intended To Reduce Bicycle, Pedestrian Accidents

Bicyclists in Boulder beware: The City Council will consider a proposal next week to set an 8-mph speed limit for anyone entering or traversing a crosswalk.

The proposal is designed to cut back on the number of accidents.

A recent study shows that most pedestrian and bicycle accidents happen in crosswalks, and that there are nearly four times as many bicycle accidents as pedestrian accidents.

"I think it's a great idea," said University of Colorado student Stephanie Borsum. "Because we see a lot of accidents on campus all the time, especially with bikers, skate boarders and pedestrians."

Fellow student Alex Brandenburg told 7NEWS that she's had several close calls.

"Sometimes, bicyclists are really terrifying," she said.

But not everyone thinks a speed limit is a good idea.

One bicyclist told 7NEWS he thinks it will be a waste of money to have police officers out clocking the speed of people entering a crosswalk.

And Dan Grunig, the head of Bicycle Colorado, asked, "How are they going to measure 8 mph? How does a bicyclist who has been hit in a crosswalk now prove that he wasn't going more than 8 mph?"

Grunig said he believes that state law is adequate for crosswalk safety and that municipalities shouldn't be imposing their own additions to it.

He said people in Denver bring their bikes to Boulder and people from other communities do the same.

"We need to have consistent laws so that we know what is safe and what the laws are," Grunig said. "If every city and every county passes its own unique, one-of-a-kind laws like this one, it's going to be really hard to keep people educated and keep them safe."

The proposed crosswalk speed limit is one of several issues that will be introduced during Boulder's City Council meeting on Nov. 15.

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