Boulder County Says Expenses In Ramsey Case Amount To $40K

Expenses From 2002 To Present Tallied

The Boulder County district attorney on Thursday outlined the cost of the ongoing JonBenet Ramsey investigation, including the controversial arrest of John Mark Karr, saying that it totals a little more than $40,000 from 2002 to present.

The majority of that expense -- $23,656 -- was spent this year, mostly on items related to investigating and extraditing Karr.

Karr is still in Boulder County Jail, waiting to be extradited to California. He is facing child pornography charges in Sonoma County. Despite his confession, Karr's DNA determined that he was not involved in Ramsey's murder.

According to the detailed expense list, the cost of flying Karr and one Boulder County investigator from Thailand to Los Angeles on a business-class seat is $5,924.97. Expenses for an investigator and a forensic psychologist are more than $12,000. Other expenses, such as the cost for shipping items via Federal Express, airfare from L.A. to Boulder, and other supplies, add another $5,000.

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