Boulder Abortion Doctor Fires Back At Protestors

Hern: Neighborhood Leaflet Campaign Designed To Get Him Killed

The head of the Boulder Abortion Clinic said that an anti-abortion group's neighborhood leaflet campaign is an effort to get him killed.

In a full-page ad published in local newspapers over the weekend, Dr. Warren Hern said the flyers, distributed by a group that calls itself Operation Save America, were designed to cause hate and fear and to get someone to kill him.

As proof, Hern points to other abortion doctors who have been killed after neighborhood flyers identified them.

The flyers labeled Hern a "baby killer" and were placed in the doors of a Boulder neighborhood.

"It's not freedom of speech," said Hern on Monday. "This is terrorism. The purpose of the flyers is to get somebody to kill me."

In his ad, he called the group fascist and said, "They would stop at nothing to impose their views on other people."

A member of Operation Save America disputed Hern's claim and said distribution of the leaflets in the neighborhood was not meant to intimidate Hern with the threat of violence.

"This is certainly not a threat of violence against abortionist Hern, but hopefully it is a wake-up call to him," Joseph Parente told the Colorado Daily newspaper.

The anti-abortion group held a convention in Denver that ended on Saturday. Members of the group, who signed pledges of non-violence, picketed women's health clinics in Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs.

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