Body Found Behind Rec Center

Person Walking Through Lincoln Park Discovers Body

A person walking through a Denver city park made a grisly discovery Friday morning.

The person found a body in Lincoln Park, near the back doors of the recreation center, Denver police spokesman Matt Murray said.

The Hispanic man was found laying face down in the park, Murray said.

"At this time this does look like a homicide and we are investigating it as a homicide," Murray said. "We''ll know a lot more after we have an autopsy and are able to make a determination of exactly what happened to this person."

The witness called police around 7 a.m.

It's not clear how long the man's body was outside, but it could not have been long because there are a lot of people who use the park every day, he said.

"There is a lot of transient activity because of our proximity to the river, so that is one of the things we do see down here," Murray said, adding that it's too early to tell if the victim was a transient.

Lincoln Park is near West 13th Avenue and Mariposa Street.