Bill Requires Drivers Give Bicyclists 3 Feet

Gov. Bill Ritter Has Final Say

Bicyclists in Colorado may get some extra safety space on the road.

Senate Bill 148 specifies that a driver must allow at least 3 feet of clearance when passing a bicyclist. Violators face a class A traffic infraction.

The bill also clarifies when bicyclists can ride two by two instead of single file and makes it illegal for a driver to throw objects at a bicyclist or drive toward one dangerously.

Senate Bill 148 was passed by both the state House and state Senate, it is now waiting for Gov. Bill Ritter to sign it into law or veto the bill.

The measure did meet some opposition on the way. County Sheriffs of Colorado fought the bill, saying it could make the roads less safe. One of the most outspoken opponents, Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden, said in February that the law would be “basically impossible” to enforce, according to the Longmont Times.

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