Bicyclists Fight Blackhawk Bike Ban

Lawmaker Threatens To Sue City

Colorado bicyclists are fired up over a ban on cycling through the city of Black Hawk.

A group of cyclists gathered on the west steps of the state capitol to show support against the ban, in hopes of getting the city to overturn its decision.

"This is a basic freedom issue," said Sen. Greg Brophy, of District 1, who is an avid cycler. "We are going to take on the city of Black Hawk."

Bicycle Colorado organized the rally after it said people from all over the country are calling about the ban.

"Why do we want to have the only city in America to ban bicycling through the entire [city]?" said Sen. Chris Romer, of Denver and Jefferson counties.

Cyclists are ready for a battle.

"I think it is not right," said Nancy Meier, a cyclist, who was given a warning when she was pulled over the weekend prior to the city ticketing bicyclists.

Earlier in June, 7NEWS sat down with Black Hawk's city manager Mike Copp, who said this ban is about everyone's safety.

"If [people] go down Main Street [they] will see there is not much room for bicyclists, a car, a truck; there really isn't," said Copp.

Copp said in a press release Tuesday that he is confident in the law and the enforcement.

Some Colorado lawmakers disagree, saying they will sue the city.

Bicycle Colorado is helping four of the first cyclists to be ticketed fight their tickets in court. The group is worried this law will set a bad precedence for the state.

"If cities feel they can blanket-ly ban bikes it is going to put a very bad mark on Colorado," said Dan Grunig, executive director of Bicycle Colorado.

Bicycle Colorado said if a judge upholds the ban, it will go to state lawmakers, to see about drafting a law making it illegal to ban bicycles in any town.