Bicycles Banned In Black Hawk

Police Ticketing Cyclists If Caught

Unless you're in for a gamble, forget riding your bike in Black Hawk. If you're caught cycling on certain streets you will be ticketed.

Jamie Webb and her friends found out the hard way on Saturday.

"We were doing a monster ride," said Webb as she was working out at the gym on Monday talking about her bike ride.

"We got pulled over and got tickets for $68," said Webb. "I thought maybe we were speeding."

Webb and her friends weren't and the four have a photo of them standing in front of a police car all holding tickets. The group was ticketed for riding bicycles on a certain street in Black Hawk. As of Jan. 24, riding on many streets within the city is illegal.

"If you go down Main Street there is not much room for a bicyclist, a bus or a car, a truck," said Mike Copp, Black Hawk city manager. "We are trying to promote safety."

There are signs posted in several spots around town that show a bicycle with a circle around it and a line across it; however if people miss it and didn't read the section in the local newspaper talking about Black Hawk's new law, most would have no clue riding in spots is illegal.

"Most of the business owners didn't even know about it," said Webb.

The city manager said the casino owners knew about the law and support it.

"It's a choice," said Copp. "We made our choice and now the bicyclist need to make his or her choice."

For Webb and her friends, their choice is clear. They will no longer ride through Black Hawk.

Eight people were ticketed the weekend of June 5.

Copp recommends riders bike around the city or dismount and walk the bike through town.