Bear Enters House Near Granby, Eats Pet's Food

Bear Entered Home Through Dog Door

Bears are having a tough time finding food this spring and that may lead to more human encounters.

A young black bear entered a home in Granby through a doggy door.

Brenda Freeman says a "very graceful, very calm" bear crawled into her house, ate a bowl of dog food, uprooted some herbs in pots and then left after about 10 minutes.

Freeman said the encounter occurred Saturday at her and her husband's home outside Granby, 50 miles northwest of Denver.

Freeman said they spotted the bear in their mudroom after their 120-pound dog let out a combination bark and growl. They closed the door from the mudroom to the kitchen, then watched through a window as the bear explored the room and chowed down.

No one was injured, but the Colorado Division of Wildlife says bear encounters may occur more this spring.

The wet spring has kept many plants and bushes in the flowering stage, instead of producing berries, a staple of the black bear diet. The Division of Wildlife says it hopes the problem will only last a few more weeks.

"If that continues and that crop comes up as it should beyond the delay, I think that bears will have enough food out there to avoid wanting to come into people's homes and campsites," said Jennifer Churchill, Public Information Officer for the Division of Wildlife.

Churchill says the food shortage is more prominent on the Western Slope, but residents may still see increased bear activity along the Front Range.

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