Bear Drug-Darted After Climbing Tree On CU Campus

Young Bear To Be Released Into Wild

Wildlife officers tranquilized a bear that had climbed about 15 feet up a tree near student housing on the University of Colorado Boulder campus Thursday morning.

After a short wait, the bear fell out of the tree onto cushioned pads that had been placed on the ground.

CU police spokesman Ryan Huff said the decision was made after 10 a.m. to remove the bear because of its proximity to student dormitories and U.S. Highway 36.

The bear was first reported to campus police shortly before 8 a.m., Huff told 7NEWS. It was seen roaming around the Bear Creek Apartments.

The bear climbed up a tree along 30th Street near the Darley Commons student dining hall.

“He was just resting up in the tree probably for a good two hours," Huff said.

About 50 students came out to stare at the lounging bear.

“He was pretty mellow. He was resting up on the branch," Huff said.

Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks rangers said the bear was probably between 3 and 5 years old and weighed about 200 pounds, Huff said.

The bear will be relocated into the wild, said Randy Hampton, spokesman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

"We try to move bears more than 50 miles and also try to get them across a major river or highway so that there is a barrier to them heading right back to where they came from," Hampton said.

However, wildlife officials have a two-strike policy against nuisance bears. A relocated bear that is found a second time in a populated area can be euthanized, Hampton said.

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