Balloon Boy Saucer To Go On Display

Flying Saucer To Be Displayed Inside Aurora Sports Card Shop

Starting Thursday, you can see Balloon Boy's balloon in person.

It is going up inside an Aurora sports card store.

Michael Fruitman, the owner of Mike's Stadium Sports Cards, paid $2,502 at auction for the balloon.

Fruitman renamed the balloon FlimFlam One and plans to display it in his store ceiling for customers and the curious. He'll also have a live webcam so people worldwide can view the infamous piece of Colorado history in its deflated form.

"I thought, let's have some fun with this," said Fruitman. "So I bought Flimflam One for our customers to enjoy and then, to slice into authenticated chunks of collectible Americana to raise money for the Thanksgiving food project. It's a win-win, no matter what, providing my 3- and 8-year-olds don't get any clever ideas."

Richard and Mayumi Heene claimed their 6-year-old son, Falcon, was in the silver metallic balloon as it floated over the Front Range in October 2009.

The Heenes, who moved to Florida, were charged when it was discovered their son was never on the balloon. The Heenes spent some time in jail and had to pay $36,000 in restitution to authorities who responded to the incident and spent hours searching for the boy, who was hiding in the garage the entire time.

Authorities said the Heenes concocted the hoax to boost their chances of getting a reality show.

On Oct. 15, the second anniversary of the hoax, Fruitman will be cutting up and selling pieces of the balloon as souvenirs, with sale proceeds benefitting the Smoky Hill Thanksgiving SHARE Basket Project.

The proceeds from the first auction were donated to tsunami relief in Japan. Part of the Heene's probation was that they could not profit from the hoax until 2013 and they did not get any money from the sale.

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