Baby Of Man Wounded In Theater Shooting Is Born

Hospital Says Mother, Baby Are Doing Well

A woman whose husband was critically wounded in the Colorado movie theater shooting has given birth to the couple's first child.

Hugo Jackson Medley was born at 7:11 a.m. MT Tuesday at University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora. That's the same hospital where his father, 23-year-old Caleb Medley, lies in critical condition.

Caleb Medley is in a medically-induced coma one floor below where his wife and baby are.

The hospital says both the mother, 21-year-old Katie Medley, and baby are doing great.

Hugo Jackson Medley

Katie Medley went into labor three days after the shooting, the date that had been scheduled for the delivery before the shooting. However, she moved the delivery so she could be close to her husband.

Family friend Michael West said Caleb Medley has been showing signs of improvement. The aspiring comic is on a ventilator but is starting to breathe on his own and can squeeze people's hands.

West said the family brought Caleb's new baby to his room.

"When they put baby Hugo in his arms, Katie was holding his hand, and the baby started crying," West said. "Caleb's pulse and blood pressure went up, and he squeezed her hand. He was there. He definitely wanted to be in that moment with them."

Friends have set up a website to raise money and seek prayers for the couple, who don't have health insurance.

The couple went to the midnight showing of the new Batman movie in Aurora as a last date before officially becoming parents.

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