Baby Bitten By Dog Inside Home Depot

Corporate Office: Dogs Are Not Allowed Inside Home Depot

The parents of a 13-month-old girl who was bitten by a dog while they were inside the Home Depot store in Glendale are questioning the store's policy of allowing dogs to be inside the store.

According to Home Depot's Consumer Hotline, the corporate policy is that dogs are not allowed inside the store for the safety of customers and employees. However, when 7NEWS called the Glendale Home Depot, we were told dogs are allowed.

On Wednesday morning, Home Depot spokeswoman Kathryn Gallagher said there was no "formal" dog policy and sent the following statement:

    "The Home Depot places a priority on providing a safe environment for our customers and associates. As a practice, we do not allow animals in our stores. However, service dogs and dogs that are non-disruptive, secured properly and under the control of their owner, may be tolerated in the store, at the discretion of the manager on duty and if there is not a disruption to our other customers."

Brandon Ludwick and his girlfriend, Carleen White, were inside the Glendale store on June 26, near the tool section, when they said a large dog approached their toddler daughter, Jordan.

"This dog came up and sniffed her and bit her in the head," said Ludwick. "Her head was bleeding."

"It was so fast," said White.

Glendale police ticketed the dog's owner. 7NEWS spoke to the owner, who said he does not believe his dog bit the little girl.

Ludwick disagrees and said he should not have to worry about dogs inside the store.

"I don't want to see another child or small baby get bit by a dog at Home Depot," said Ludwick.

Jordan is OK but the couple thinks Home Depot handled the incident poorly.

"We haven't even gotten a call from Home Depot," said White. "It's like they are trying to deny or act like it didn't happen."

However, Gallagher said that the company has been "in contact" with the family and are taking the matter very seriously.

Ludwick said the store denies having video of the attack even though 7NEWS spotted multiple cameras directly above where the attack took place.

No one from the Glendale Home Depot would comment on the event. A manager told 7NEWS that we needed to contact the corporate office.

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