Autopsy Reveals Little In DeWild Case

Coroner Could Not Say If Edgewater Mother Was Strangled

The results of an Edgewater mother's autopsy were released Monday, but it is still not clear how she died.

Heather DeWild, 30, disappeared last July after meeting with her estranged husband. Her body was found in September in Clear Creek Canyon.

Since then, police and the coroner's office have sealed much of the information about the crime including her cause of death. Part of the autopsy report was unsealed Monday, after an order to seal it expired.

The coroner's report determined that she was not shot, but couldn't confirm that she was strangled because the tissue on her neck was so badly decomposed. The autopsy also showed that her skull was cracked after she died. Investigators do not know if that injury was caused by the killer or by the front end loader that discovered her body amidst a pile of debris.

Parts of the autopsy report will remain sealed until someone is arrested or charged for her murder, or until further order of the court.

Other details about her death that would only be known by the killer are also being withheld, investigators said.

DeWild disappeared on July 24, just days before her divorce from husband Daniel DeWild was finalized.

A couple of weeks later, police found her car at a Wheat Ridge apartment complex, but there was no sign of her. Then, in September, a Colorado Department of Transportation worker moving dirt on Highway 6 between Golden and Black Hawk found her body wrapped in plastic. It was badly deteriorated but dental records confirmed that it was DeWild.

Investigators have questioned DeWild's husband and even searched his house twice. Detectives gathered several boxes of evidence but never disclosed what they found inside.

While Daniel DeWild has never been named a suspect, police have been quick to point out that he has never been ruled out, either.

Her parents are caring for her children, a 3-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy.

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