Aurora Shooting Victims Meet About Funds

Committee Plans To Create Survey For Victims About Fund Disbursement

As a result of a heated meeting about the funds for the victims of the Aurora theater shooting, a committee decided to create a survey to get input from all the victims.

Jarell Brooks, shot in the leg in the theater, walked out of the closed-door meeting feeling frustrated.

"Imagine you have people who've lost limbs, were shot in the arm, have brain trauma. And you don’t know how they’re thinking, but you act like you do,” said Brooks.

More than 100 victims and family members met with the 7/20 Recovery Fund Committee at the Aurora Central Library to talk about how the funds will be distributed.

Some victims were still in wheelchairs, and some had bandaged arms, still dealing with the physical pain of what happened.

Joshua Nowlan said he is going to have a sixth surgery on his arm, and he felt there was not much headway made in getting the funds to victims.

"It’s just one of those meetings where everybody wants to be heard," said Nowlan.

Marcus Weaver, who was also shot in the theater, said it became clear in the meeting that not all victims agreed about how the estimated $5 million dollars in donated funds should be distributed: equally to all victims, or weighted based on the severity of the injury.

"By coming together tonight we were able to air out a lot of differences, but at the same time though there is still a lot of confusion about what the next steps are," said Weaver.

Rich Audsley, a spokesman for the 7/20 Recovery Fund Committee, said that as a result of the meeting, the committee will create a survey to hear each victims' voice on how the funds should go out.

He said the committee plans to have that survey out by the end of the week.

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