Aurora Seeks Public Input On Pit Bull Ban

City May Follow Denver's Lead, Place Ban On Entire Breed

City leaders in Aurora are considering a ban on pit bulls and on Tuesday they want to hear from the public.

Aurora is considering whether to adopt a ban on the breed, similar to the strict ban in place in Denver. Under Denver's ban, pit bull owners were forced to either give up their dogs or move. Since Denver won a court fight and reinstated its pit-bull ban on May 9, hundreds of dogs have been impounded and more than 260 destroyed.

Last year, Aurora started imposing stiffer penalties on owners whose pets became violent even once. A second offense meant the animal was destroyed.

The city is now considering three proposals: an outright ban, a ban that allows current owners of licensed dogs to stay in the city but prevent future owners from moving in, and a measure that places more restrictions on the dog but doesn't ban them.

If you would like make your opinion known on the potential ban, you can attend the meeting, which starts at 2:30 p.m. in the Aurora City Council chambers.

Hundreds of pit bull lovers have already rallied in front of Aurora's City Hall to protest the city's possible ban in the past month and more protestors are expected Tuesday.

Aurora's animal-care division spokeswoman Cheryl Conway said she's received e-mails and phone calls from both supporters and opponents of a possible ban.

Meanwhile, Commerce City Council is also considering a pit bull ban but its ban would allow current pit bull owners in the city to keep their dogs, as long as they register the dog and comply with strict conditions regarding insuring the dog and securing it behind a cement-reinforced chain-link fence.

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