Attorneys 'Annoyed' By Lack Of Info From Sheriff's Department

Van Zandt, Harmon Believe Karr Won't Be In Boulder Courtroom Until Next Week

Patience Van Zandt and Jamie Harmon, the two Northern California lawyers who have spoken in defense of John Mark Karr, said Wednesday that they have officially been retained as Karr's attorney.

Van Zandt represented John Mark Karr as a public defender in a child pornography case in 2001 in Sonoma County, Calif., but is now in private practice with Harmon.

The pair have met with him twice since he was arrest in the JonBenet Ramsey murder. They said they talked with him for seven hours on Monday.

"We went to see him because we were concerned about the way he was being portrayed in the media and we wanted to encourage him to stop talking," Harmon said.

Harmon said that Karr agreed to do just that as a requirement for her to take on his case.

Karr's attorneys said that from what they've told by the Boulder County District Attorney's Office, Karr won't be transferred to Boulder until early next week.

"We have repeatedly attempted to learn from the Los Angeles and and Boulder district attorney when Mr. Karr will be transported to Colorado. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department refused to provide any info to us at all," Harmon said.

Harmon said the Boulder district attorney's office did tell her Karr's first appearance in Boulder would not be any sooner than early next week, but she said she finds their refusal to release any more details "annoying."

"It's been very difficult to communicate to Boulder County about this case, as I'm sure most of you are finding that to be true as well. It's sort of baffling to us that they won't communicate with us," Harmon said.

The Boulder District Attorney's office has said repeatedly that Karr's transportation arrangements are a security issue and not public information.

Harmon said Karr's wants to get to Boulder as quickly as possible, but his attorneys may have a tough time when he does.

Neither Harmon nor Van Zandt are licensed to practice law in Colorado but there is a Colorado Supreme Court ruling that would allow them to work in Colorado under certain circumstances.

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