Attorney General Warns Parents, Teens Of Internet Predators

Police and the Bailey community want to know why Duane Morrison took six students at Platte Canyon High School hostage before shooting and killing a student and then himself last Wednesday.

But many are also want to know why Morrison chose Platte Canyon High School and why that class.

Some said they believe the Internet may have played a role. Attorney General John Suthers said there is no concrete evidence at this time to prove Duane Morrison used the Internet to target Platte Canyon High School and the six girls.

However, he said with 60,000 predators on the Internet daily, it is a likely possibility.

"There are now more than 70 million people using MySpace," said Suthers.

"One out of every five children between the ages of 10 and 18 will be subject of sexual solicitation on the Internet," said Suthers.

Sometimes predators don't stop with the solicitation and teens end up getting assaulted, abducted and in the worse cases, killed.

"Parents have to come to grips with this right now, they can't ignore this problem," said Suthers.

Authorities know of no connection between Duane Morrison and the hostages, but said a student was asked by Morrison about a list of students.

"Children have to be very concerned about any information they give out that may lead an Internet savvy predator to figure out who they are, where they live, who their parents are, what time they get home from work and all that sort of information," said Suthers.

Suthers recommends that every parent learn about chat rooms and websites such as Myspace so they can talk to their kids about the dangers.

On Monday, the attorney general's office along with Microsoft is hosting a forum in Denver to teach about 200 law enforcement agents and school officials the most up-to-date tools to track and identify predators online.

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