Aspen Postmaster Stays In $175 Hotel Room

USPS: 5-Star Hotel Only Option For Now

It's no secret the United States Postal Service is having budget problems. They're even considering discontinuing Saturday mail delivery to save money.

So why is Aspen's interim postmaster staying in a five-star hotel?

7NEWS checked and found the city's acting postmaster is staying at the St. Regis in Aspen.

Rooms there run $1,800 a night, but the U.S. Postal Service is getting a deal -- a “super discounted rate” of $175 a night and is the only option for now, said Al DeSarro, U.S. Postal Service Western Region spokesman.

DeSarro said the price was competitive with other lodging options in Aspen.

However, a search of by 7NEWS found a handful hotels cheaper than $128 a night.

The interim postmaster is staying in the St. Regis until The Hotel Jerome finishes spring cleaning. Rooms there run $125 a night. The interim postmaster will be staying in a hotel until a permanent postmaster is named. That process could take up to two months.

The acting postmaster is the current postmaster in Edwards, Colo., a 75-mile drive to Aspen. He is vying for the Aspen job.

The former Aspen postmaster moved to Hawaii.