Ovarian Cancer Awareness month

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.


 It is estimated that almost every day a woman in Colorado is diagnosed with ovarian cancer and every other day a woman will die from the disease. 

The Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance, also known as COCA, is striving to bring awareness to the symptoms and help women become advocates for their health.

95% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer had 1 or more of these 4 common symptoms:

  • Bloating
  • Pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Urinary urgency or frequency
  • Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly

Women who have these symptoms almost daily for more than a few weeks should see their doctor, preferably a gynecologist.

For more information, visit the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance web site at www.colo-ovariancancer.org  or call 303-506-7014.

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