Gala helps Denver students achieve college dream

The Denver Scholarship Foundation makes college possible for thousands of Denver students.  Its mission is to inspire and empower Denver Public School students to achieve their college dreams.  The effectiveness of the program is realized through the combination of three key elements:

The Denver Scholarship Foundation provides college admissions and financial-aid advice to Denver students through their Future Centers that operate in 16 DPS high schools.  Since they opened in 2007, this professional team of counselors has helped 25,000 Denver students plan for college.

 Since the fall of 2007, The Denver Scholarship Foundation has awarded $15.2 million in scholarships to 3,200 students.  

About 78 PERCENT of these students will be among the first generation in their family to graduate from college.   

The Denver Scholarship Foundation hosts the ed Gala, its annual fundraising dinner,   Wednesday evening November 7th.

 Along with the opportunity to meet many scholars , the event features a keynote address by Jim Clifton, the CEO of the Gallop polling organization, advocate for education, and author of The Coming Jobs War.

 For information on this event, and to learn more about the ongoing work of Denver Scholarship Foundation, please visit

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