Plant bulbs now for spring flowers

Now is the time to plant those daffodils, tulips and hyacinth bulbs for a beautiful, colorful flower garden in spring. "You want to do this when temperatures are cooler and before the ground freezes," according to Designscapes Colorado, Inc.


Design Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Bulbs:

  • Plan first, plant second (consider ideal bloom time and desired height)
  • Choose a sunny location
  • Use only two or three colors and stick to the same type of bulb for the most impact
  • Avoid planting in single rows or one bulb alone. Plant in masses of 40 or more. These crowded clusters give the best effect.
  • Till soil, plant (root side down) approximately 6-8" deep for tulips and daffodils (depths vary based on bulb type)
  • Incorporate Incorporate a bulb fertilizer
  • Water bulbs after planting and during dry spells

There are a couple of different tools that you can use to plant. There are hand-held bulb planters, long planters you can use while standing or you can use a simple shovel. Daffodils are deer and rabbit-resistant
and so they are an excellent choice for bulbs. They have the best return rate for year after year Spring color.

Hyacinth are great by a front door because they are fragrant. Tulips are considered an annual here in Colorado so plan on planting each Fall for great Spring results.

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