Arvada Neighborhood Rental Listed As 'Felon Friendly'

Craigslist Posting Seeks Out Men Who Are 'On Parole Or About To Be Paroled'

A Craigslist rental posting has a neighborhood divided in Arvada. Among the white picket fences, bikes on front porches and American-flag painted mailboxes, sits a home for rent, with one caveat.

The rental is for “felon-friendly shared housing” and states, “You must be either a man currently on parole or about to be paroled.”

“I’m extremely upset, let’s put it that way,” said neighbor Shirley Teets.

The first time Teets saw the Craigslist posting was when 7NEWS showed her a copy.

“I didn’t know anything about it,” said Teets.

She said she had her suspicions about the people who lived in the home just a few doors down from hers. We asked if she thought the owner of the home should have told neighbors ahead of time.

“Absolutely. Absolutely, we should have been notified as a neighborhood, (but) that’s not saying that it can’t be there,” said Teets.

“You have to give these people a chance to start their lives over,” said neighbor Denise Shugarts. “If they’re not going to be causing any trouble and they’ve done their time, then they need somewhere to live.”

7NEWS checked, and in Arvada, as many as five unrelated people can live in the same home.

“We’ve identified a need in the community and we’ve built a business to serve that need,” said homeowner Amy Jackson. “My guys here, they have rights as well and they need protection.”

Amy and Charlie Jackson own the home and seek out felons as tenants. According to the Jacksons, their tenants have previously been convicted of "soft crimes" like DUI and theft. They told 7NEWS they offer a cleaner house than a cheap motel and a safer environment than one that could get the felons back in trouble.

“We don’t keep it hidden, but you don’t blatantly go out and just say, ‘This is what we’re going to do, what do you think?’” said Charlie Jackson. “I can’t image what (neighbors) would say if I told them what was going to happen. I think my immediate gut reaction would be, ‘No way, Jose.’”

“I don’t know many people that would say, ‘Oh, I want a home on my block that has got either people on probation or ex-felons, I definitely want that,’” said Teets.

Charlie Jackson said the background of his tenants shouldn’t concern neighbors. He said they probably don’t know everyone who lives on their block in the first place.

“There could be a neighbor down that street that’s doing drugs and they don’t seem to worry about that,” said Charlie Jackson.

The Jacksons are renting the Arvada home for $100 a week to each person, with room for four people. They tell 7NEWS that since the home is near parks and schools, they don’t rent to registered sex offenders.