Arrest Affidavit Reveals Details Of Breckenridge Murder Investigation

Karl Kohler Found Dead At Gregory Scott Gavin's Campsite

The arrest affidavit in a Breckenridge murder case shows the body of Karl Kohler was discovered at the campsite of Gregory Scott Gavin.

Kohler, 45, was found near the Burro Trailhead on May 19. Investigators said he was a transient living in a tent at an unauthorized campsite.

Gavin, 50, was arrested three weeks later on suspicion of second degree murder, according to the Summit County Sheriff's Office.

Both the victim, Kohler, and the suspect, Gavin, reportedly made their permanent homes camping in the woods, according to the Summit Daily News.

Gavin was predominantly unemployed and lived in Summit County for several years, the newspaper reported. He did not have a prior relationship with the victim.

Summit County Sheriff's Capt. Jaime FitzSimons said it's not unusual for people working seasonal jobs in Breckenridge to camp in the woods rather than renting housing in town. Other squatters camps were found in the area, he said.

Read more in the Summit Daily News.

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